For our little gymnasts we emphasize fun and safety.  Learning is accomplished through fun.
We have gymnastics classes for 2 years old and up.  Classes for 2 to 3.25 year olds are with a parent or guardian.
At the age of 3.25 kids graduate to being in class with their coach.  Instructors are sensitive to occasional separation anxiety and encourage parents to help ease the process. 
As Pre-school gymnasts get older learning as a direct objective gradually gets added to safety and fun until they are ready for the Recreational program.
Get the schedule here. All students must complete an Accident Waiver Form before starting classes. It can be found here.


There are 4 levels of recreational gymnastics. Each level after beginner has mile stones that need to be achieved in order to move up:  Get the Schedule here.
  1. Beginner: Where gymnasts over the age of 6 start to learn how to be gymnasts!
  2. Advanced Beginner: Gymnasts that have learned the basics graduate to this level.  Skills become a bit more challenging and exciting
  3. Intermediate:  This is the last stop on the way to competitive gymnastics.  Intermediates have mastery of basics and are starting to learn higher level skills.
  4. Xcel:  This is the competitive level of the recreational program.  Gymnasts must pass through the Beginner, Advanced Beginner, and Intermediate levels, or be evaluated by an Xcel Coach to join this Team.


Students in this program focus on floor exercise. 
Many cheerleaders are enrolled in this class to acquire necessary tumbling skills to accomplish their goals.
Click here for the schedule